Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sad. Sad and Disappointing.

Just got back from lunch. Sweet husband and I went to a restaurant we ordinarily really enjoy but had not been to in a while. We heard they had new menu items - including two of our faves. Hubby's fave, crispy honey chicken and my fave, pho.

So as you know with pho, you always have to say "no cilantro", especially at a new place. That's what I did. The lady wrote it down, repeated it, and I heard her tell the cook. It still came out with cilantro. So, she took it back and replaced it with a cilantro-free version. But guess what! It still tasted like it had GOBS of the vile weed in it. I ate a few bites (yuck) and hubby let me have some of his food.

I don't think we will probably return to this restaurant. The quality has really gone down since our last visit and there is a Chinese food place down the street that we LOVE! So, it's sad. But at least now we know! If you need to know the restaurant, contact me.

Stay cilantro-free my friends.