Monday, July 21, 2008

Cilantro - you are not off the hook!

Apparently the FDA now claims that the recent salmonella outbreak was caused by Mexican-grown jalepeno peppers from a plant in Texas.

I was certain it was the cilantro - because it is EVIL.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She Didn't Realize What She Was Doing

My husband and I went to dinner with my folks and a family friend last night. Now, the restaurant isn't important - let's just call it a cafeteria. Midway through the meal, my mom pushes a small bowl of slaw towards me, telling me to try it because it has a very different flavor for slaw. Well, first of all, slaw isn't my most favorite food item in the world anyway - but she may not know that. I do sometimes eat cole slaw, but not often. Second, and more importantly, I can SEE the cilantro in the slaw. MOM! What are you thinking? She wasn't even thinking about the cilantro - she wanted me to try the slaw because it was "spicy". Um, no thanks!

Thanks, Mom.

Have a nice day everyone!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Are you KIDDING me?

Sigh. What is happening with restaurants that I like? Did they all hire new cooks who just discovered cilantro?

Mike and I went to lunch at one of our favorite places yesterday - a Thai place I won't name for hopes that yesterday was a one-time mistake. We have eaten at said restaurant probably 100 times, and about 75 of those times I have ordered the same dish: Pineapple Cashew Fried Rice. A dish which does NOT include cilantro, of course.

Well, yesterday was already shaping up to be a stinky day, what with my migraine headache and all the hormones shooting through my system (I'm 3 months pregnant) so I went to lunch in a bad mood anyway. The very nice waiter brings our food and I don't even let him set the plate down on the table. Just as he is about to do so I say, pointing to the plate, "is that CILANTRO?" to which he responds nicely, "yes ma'am." I couldn't even say the words TAKE IT AWAY before he saw the look on my face that clearly said it for me. He immediately did an about face and removed the vile weed from my sight and a few moments later I had my non-evil food.

I am not exaggerating to say that on top of my dish there was about 1/2 cup of chopped, fresh, vile cilantro weed, (presumably as a garnish?) so much so that no person who even enjoys the disgusting stuff would like it. What was I supposed to do? Mix this all in with my fried rice? Pick it off the top of the dish, meaning I would have to touch it? I think not. I really wish I had a photo to show you, but of course I couldn't let the plate near me for long enough to do so.

Good times, people. Good times.

Stay safe from cilantro, my friends.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sad. Sad and Disappointing.

Just got back from lunch. Sweet husband and I went to a restaurant we ordinarily really enjoy but had not been to in a while. We heard they had new menu items - including two of our faves. Hubby's fave, crispy honey chicken and my fave, pho.

So as you know with pho, you always have to say "no cilantro", especially at a new place. That's what I did. The lady wrote it down, repeated it, and I heard her tell the cook. It still came out with cilantro. So, she took it back and replaced it with a cilantro-free version. But guess what! It still tasted like it had GOBS of the vile weed in it. I ate a few bites (yuck) and hubby let me have some of his food.

I don't think we will probably return to this restaurant. The quality has really gone down since our last visit and there is a Chinese food place down the street that we LOVE! So, it's sad. But at least now we know! If you need to know the restaurant, contact me.

Stay cilantro-free my friends.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Another La Hacienda Visit

Mike & I are going to La Hacienda again tonight with our friends! I mentioned in a previous post that they have the best fajitas I have ever eaten - ever. I'm super-duper excited about that! But, I will remind you, dear friends, that I won't put any of their salsa near my mouth as it is laced with the vile weed cilantro.

Let me know if you have a cilantro-warning or a cilantro-free place you want to tell me about. I'll put a link on the blog!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It's been a completely cilantro-free year so far! Absolutely NO encounters with the vile weed to date. I hope your 2008 has been equally wonderful!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wishing You...

A Happy and Cilantro-FREE New Year!